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I've been working as a freelance photographer since 2008.

My photography primarily focuses on the maritime world and its actors, including sailing, fisheries, Islands life, water sports and more.

Now, I work on assignment for the press, technical sponsors, sporting and cultural events. Recent publications : L'Équipe Mag, Paris Match, VSD, Animan, Voiles et Voilers, REVA Tahiti... Agency : Lightmediation, Sea & Co.

DPPI, the sports photography agency, represented my images of sailing for 2 years in France. Today I am part of the photography collective Sea & Co, well known by some of the greatest names in marine photography. We broadcast our images on a server. Images are available for professional by clicking on the Sea & Co logo below.

For three voyages between 2010 to 2012, I was the chef de cuisine and photographer aboard the research vessel Tara, sailing in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. This experience gave birth to a large exhibition of my work with one hundred large format photographs exhibited with Tara Oceans in Saint Malo, Lorient, "Pont Alexandre III" in Paris, outdoor in the city of Roscoff and at the Yacht Club de Monaco.

Today, I'm based on the atoll of Fakarava, in the Tuamotu Archipelago with my partner Aline Dargie (www.alinedargie.com) artist, journalist, professional sailing captain. We just bought a sailing catamaran to launch an interesting photo-journalism project in the remote islands of the Pacific. Start of the adventure : December 2016 !

Stay tuned

I'm a member of Sea & Co. Visit our server, clic on the logo.



With Aline Dargie, my partner, we just launch a new project : SLOW Marquisas !

It is a photo-journalism quest a board our sailing Catamaran Pizza, an Edel Cat 35 Open. Before the cyclone season, we will leave our base on the atoll of Fakarava, in the Tuamotu archipelago,  at the end of next november 2016. We will spend 4 months in Marquesas from an island to another one telling stories about modern Marquesas society, traditions, food... 

Why Marquesas ? Because, next step will be an other archipelago : The Tuamotu ! The project is just starting...

Enjoy the folder and share around. 

if you want to support us contact us slowmarquesas@gmail.com, thank you.


In 2012, with a local Paumotu fisherman, Ato Lissant, I launched the Project Vaa Motu, a cultural sailing association.

Project Vaa Motu's goal is to re-introduce traditional outrigger sailing canoes into the lagoons of the Tuamotus atolls, starting with Fakarava. All of the local sailboats were replaced by engine boats over fifty years ago. The older generation still remembers sailing, but the youth do not know how to sail.

Vaa Motu provides learning opportunities for local people to practice techniques from boat building to sailing, while respecting the ecology of the Fakarava Biosphere Reserve, and learning the pleasures of sailing.

I manage the fundraising, photography, communications and many logistics for the project. In 2015, during 6 months, with a team of locals, led by master boat builder Alexandre Genton, we constructed a 30 foot sailing canoe, designed by architect Nicolas Gruet, in the heart of Rotoava village on the atoll of Fakarava. During this building, Alexandre taught to two young men from Fakarava how to efficiently craft a traditional design with modern techniques. One of the apprentices is continuing his boat building career at a composite shipyard in Papeete!  

The canoe was launched on October 6th, 2015 from the municipal dock of Rotoava. Almost the whole population were there, smiling, so happy to see this boat sail, after following the building process.

What an intense moment to witness the revival come to life of this ancient tradition of sailing canoes !

Now, the canoe is also used for scientific missions in the Fakarava Biosphere Reserve, which is recognized by UNESCO. In August 2016, 2 scientists from Kahi Kai visited to collect and photograph more than 60 species of underwater lagoon and ocean, micro-organisms and small animals. The mext mission is to make a three-dimensional chart of the lagoon with a team of scientists lead by Emmanuel Reynaud from University of Dublin (IRL).

Today, more than 30 partners follow Project Vaa Motu notably including The French Protected Marine Agency, and Explore, a fundraising organization created by the famous French sailor Roland Jourdain ! Follow the adventure on Facebook :Projet Va'a Motu / Fakarava


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