VANNES - France


Cooking is a lifelong passion and an other creative outlet for me.

I learned from my parents, to become sensitive to the aromas and atmospheres that a great dish can inspire. They passed on our French family culinary traditions to me throughout my early years in our  kitchen in Saint Malo, Brittany, France, involving the understanding of seasonal, fresh produces and local seafood.

After my art studies, I worked  several summer season's in seaside's restaurants in Brittany, from cleaning the dishes, all the way to chef. During winters, I worked in the French Alps cooking for upscale, traditional restaurants.

My most rewarding experience took place in luxury chalets in Meribel and Courchevel's French ski resorts for Scott Dunn, British chalet Company. This experience offered me an amazing freedom of creativity, and gave me all the responsibilities that such a kitchen involve, like managing quantities, orders, right timing... I have been able to experience a more gastronomic side of cooking for up to 12 people on my own, which I absolutely loved. 

In the next years, I mixed my time between my new job of photographer and some sweet sailing cooking opportunities : working aboard the yacht of famous French sailor Laurent Bourgnon or cooking for the crew of the private mega yacht Hemisphere (largest charter catamaran in the world).

This combination of my two passion of cooking and photography kept on stick to me, when I became chef & seaman for Tara, a scientific sailing schooner studying Ocean's with an international team of amazing scientists. During four year's, I work aboard around the world during a few months. The crew onboard nicknamed me le Cuistographe, due to the fact that I was sharing my time between my seaman and chef's obligations and photography. 

Since Tara, I always kept this curiosity to seek inspiration from food cultures in far corners of the world while I am shooting a story for a magazine.

While cooking, I always balance three considerations for a healthy and tasty meal: right quantities, fresh flavors and beauty in the plate.

Whoever I cook for, in a restaurant, in a chalet, onboard a yacht, this still to me a passion with a vivid flame, who just ask to be shared.

  Bon appétit !


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