Tara Oceans - 2010 - Indian Ocean - Julien Girardot Photography


Between 2009 to 2013, I was part of Tara seamen crew, a French sailing research vessel, during the expedition Tara Ocean. Aboard, I was chef (my previous job and still a passion). I cooked meals for the 15 people aboard. I have not slept a lot and it was challenging to work has a photographer and a chef in the mean time, but the amazing voyage of Tara made this opportunity unavoidable !

My voyages abord was firstly (check the map :) ), from Djibouti to Mauricius Island / From Gambier archipelago to Hawaii and from New York City to Lorient, the arrival in Brittany.

I'm really happy to present and share with you those huge archives finally captioned and sorted, about this slice of life...

Who is Tara ?

Tara has been created and designed by doctor Jean Louis Etienne in 1989 to accomplish a complete Arctic drift. Her first name was Antartica. Etienne's project to cross the Arctic failed, despite he prooved the concept of Tara's typical round hull who can lift up the ship from the ice, where any normal ship is supposed to be compressed and destroyed by the floe.

After JL. Etienne, Peter Blake, legendary NZ sailor, bought Antartica for a round the world expedition trip with environnemental goals. He named the boat "Seamaster".

Tragically, Blake has been killed aboard Seamaster by pirates in the Amazon river, in Brazil. After this, Agnes Troublé, more known under Agnès b. in the fashion world, bought the ship with her son Etienne Bourgois to re-launch a large program of scientific expeditions. Since 2006, the sailing Schooner run dozen of expeditions among all oceans involving hundreds of scientists and laboratories around the world.

Nowadays Tara became a foundation that warn the governments about oceans pollution by studying and better understanding plankton and coral, the best " oceans health indicator". Tara communication also help the world to better understand that we reached a time that we need to change our bad habits specially regarding the plastic consumption. Please visit their website here : https://oceans.taraexpeditions.org

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TARA, THE RESEARCH SCHOONER IS SAILING AROUND THE GLOBE IN ORDER TO SAMPLE CORAL AND PLANKTON WITH SCIENTISTS AND LABS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD - FROM 2009 TO 2012. On the dock of Obock, goods are just arrived with a traditionnal freighten wooden ship.

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